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How to move megaliths..painfully slowly.

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

“Moving Megaliths? It was, like, so easy” Said an undergraduate who has never moved a fridge down a flight of stairs.

" Sure we moved an 80 ton rock 400m, in the same time the great pyramid builders moved 325,000 tons over 900 km...but they didn't have unions" "

The feeling generated by the historic convention that transportation of megalithic structures by ancient or paleolithic cultures was simple, is tantamount to fingernails down a chalkboard. (For those younger than the internet, a chalkboard was the transitional step between cave paintings and digital whiteboards. It was an important step in wall evolution.)

Below, Nat Geo describe that this year the great statue of Ramses II moved to its final resting place. Of course, it has made the move to its ‘final resting place’ in the past, several times, by different cultures over the centuries. The article details at least some of those known events. Why the assumption we will be the last civilisation to ponder the ruins and move the megalith wasn’t stated.

The mighty statue is a grand monument by any description but only medium scale on megalithic standards. At 80 tons it is twice the weight of stonehenge pillars, a tenth the size of Baalbek and a hundredth the size of uncut Yangshan quarry megalith.

The megalithic move required several teams of military engineers, a private specialist transport company, years of planning and a cost of $900,000 USD. This did not include the cost of government planners, engineers and military personal. It was moved just 400m, the length of an athletic track.

When considering the original culture of ancient Egypt moved millions of megaliths from quarries across the African/Asian continental divide, it is difficult not to consider a technology or methodology of the past has been lost. Many great minds since Herodotos have asked the same question.

To claim the process of megalithic transportation was known is but supposition. No concrete evidence of how megaliths were moved exists anywhere. To say it is ‘simple’ seems more a marketing ploy favourable to support the modern civilisation mantra that we know now, what we knew then. By any measure, if it is not simple now, it was not simple then.

Below are a few modern civilisations marketing sheets for review. Of particular interest is the group of University students (with no real world construction experience, scoffs this grizzled old man) claiming stonehenge was an easy feat because the students moved a small stone across a lawn.




Graham Hancock on Baalbek, reason and intrigue as always.


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