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Piri Reis 1513, and the plight of the curious.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The Piri Reis map of 1513 may just be the last fragment of an ancient advanced civilisation. Scholars have debated its importance for decades without definitive answers; the mystery of the Piri Reis 1513 map won't fade.

Hidden clues of lost civilisations in Piri's ancient math

The following video is a personal interest storey, this is but a few of the reasons I find Piri interesting. It's not a geodetic comparison nor wild alien theory, but its interesting. I made the video primarily to show how investigation of these maps can be made with little resources, but lots of curiosity.

For anyone interested in studying this more thoroughly, please contact me.

(Something to listen to when you go down the rabbit hole)

Information mentioned in the Piri Reis 1513 megalithology video below.

* Printable version of the map.

* The Piri Reis Map of 1513. Most comprehensive book written on the Piri Reis (Does not claim the chart is unusually accurate)

* Magicians of the Gods- The starting point for anyone interested in scientific credibility of ancient mystery civilisations.

*Maps Myths and Paradigms. The latest in the eternal search for truth, Atlantis, lost maps and geomorphological anomaly all in one place.

Curious about ancient beginnings!




Online paper on comparative projections https://en.ppt-online.org/195317

* Article on the Antikythera mechanism and possibility of longitude.

* The Killing of History. Fantastic read to investigate how history is re-written.

* Written in Stone. Investigation into the commonalities of architectural design and its occult significance.

* Above Top Secret Article on new discoveries relating to the lost civilisation of Atlantis

*Piri Article on history, comparisons and legends.

* Compare Map Projections. Great site for comparing map projections.

*Vintage News. In depth take on Piri and exposing some mistruths.

*Mystery of Extraordinarily Accurate Medieval Maps. Discover Magazine article on mystery maps

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The collectors sport of kings;




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