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Explorers, Surveyors, Yachties....here's how to make an easy $17 billion

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Cartagena Colombia. More than petty crime, drugs and street hookers!

Like all good historic seaport towns, Cartagena is famous for iconic cobblestone streets, dancing, cocktails and sunsets. (And the above mentioned consequence of wealth disparity) Now add to the list of iconic Caribbean characteristics, sunken Spanish treasure. Gold, silver, cannons and more... Billions of dollars worth.

When I travelled through Cartagena in early 2016, word had spread of an immense treasure find. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Oceanography and exploration, this was Spatial Science at its best. Article below;


Smug researchers with more money than god plan to buy Venezuela.

Further reading:

The breakdown of the find


If you can not afford a deep water UAV


Initial transition after discovery


Final transition


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