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The Three little (rock crushing, tunnel dwelling) Pigs.

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

China's' Guyaju Caves. What drove them into the earth?

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[China Guyaju edition]

The three little pigs is far more than a children's tale. We all know the sad story of a noble wolf stalking three environmentally destructive hyper intelligent (somewhat pretentious) pests. We all know the hungry wolf huffs and puffs and bests those swine and their hog engineering twice before being tricked, murdered and eaten. (Yes the wolf is brutally eaten by the pigs). Her cubs I assume die from starvation and emotional trauma.

More than a fun kids tale it is also an archetypal theme that echoes a long forgotten era in our climatic history. Many ancient tales tell of a destructive era of lightning and storms in an icy backdrop. The most famous mythological wolf/climate tale is of Fenrir the wolf, who shook her chains and rattled the earth while the temperatures fell in Vanguard. The viking Gods knew the rumbling of the ground, the wind and cloud, and the falling temperatures meant the end of their civilisation was at hand. Time and again the old gods fall in a time of earthquakes, lightening and icy cold.


A Mongolian creation myth includes a freezing winter beset on the earth while an angry wolf blocks the sun and destroyed farming. The wolf asks to take a sheep and the overgod grants 1 sheep per thousand. The wolf miss hears and leaves one sheep alive per thousand, destroying agriculture. Afterwoods civilisation is slowly rebuilt in the following warm climate. Similar to the commonality of flood myths around the globe, there also appears culturally diverse stories of a great earthquake/lightning/ice age climatic cataclysm. In these tales the hard times don't pass like a receding tide, but hold fast for generations. True climatic nightmares.

Evidence is growing that it was lightning and storms that drove humans into the rock labyrinths around the globe. Geomagnetic effects may have produced great northern lights so powerful they were seen at the equator, as was recorded in the Carrington Event, and daily lightening storms continued for decades.

Is this why ancient forgotten cultures tunneled into the earth ?

Robert Schoch's work

Robert Schoch has produced a litany of works on ancient mystery including the effect of solar/planetary/geo electromagnetic cycles that begin to explain the shape of a man with two dots under his arms. The shape found around the world can be replicated in simulations of electromagnetic geometry.

Schochs work is telling (see his Joe Rogan Experience here) . Atmospheric conditions are historically not as stable and suited to civilisation as currently experienced. The ancients could have tunneled into the earth to protect against violent climate but it can be difficult to prove motive of prehistoric cultures.

However if the cave cultures are thousands of years older than history, built in a time of radical climate catastrophe, at the very least the textbook history of these tunnelling cultures must be, well, filled with holes.

Why tunnel into the ground?

The orthodox explanation held by academia is that the Guyaju stone apartments, as the Chinese call them, were defensive positions that protected locals from invading armies. This is also the explanation of other stone houses from Turkey to the Americas, but it fails under the slightest logical interrogation.

The Guyaju stone apartments are now largely destroyed however several intact apartments remain on the eastern periphery of the site. A notable feature of the site is the entrance/exit ways. Typically each apartment has 1 doorway of about 1.2m high cut archway. In addition there is a single 'window' in a natural groove of the surface to allow water catchment. Inside at this point, there is a small water storage area carved into the floor.

The larger of the remaining 'windows'. Note Bens difficulty in defence against being brained with a rock

How could someone possibly defend this position?

The 'defensive fort' hypothesis is indefensible. The openings would be easily firebombed and with no other ventilation system would have all inhabitants dead or the stronghold yielded in a matter of minutes.

The single catchment for water would also be vulnerable to poison or human waste contamination. There is simply not enough room in a small apartment for a family to close themselves off to the world. The openings are also on the face of the hill and not the top. So when the inhabitants are forced to vacate, they would now be beneath their enemy. Even a single man on top of the hill, half drunk with a bag of door knobs, would be a formidable enemy to the cave dwellers... Let alone an invading Chinese army.

The three little pigs did not build their house of stone in defence of the teeth of the wolf, it was the wind that blew down the house of sticks.

Is there evidence the Guyaju apartments were built long before modern Chinese?

Yes, and it's carved in stone.

The most notable feature of the site is that the entire hill has been sheared in half. Several eras of habitation have followed this great cataclysm as can be seen by smoke marks and carvings on the broken surface. This broken surface also has three distinct wear types. The most recent carvings for boom gates and signage, that were carved decades ago, show almost no wear at all. The carvings of the Chinese inhabitants who occupied the area of the last thousand years are discoloured but still contain sharp vertices and notable chisel marks.

Then there is the original stone apartment walls. Where water ingress is visible it has eroded inches deep into the bedrock, where exposed to the wind and sand it is blown smooth. Where exposed to the sky, vitrified from lightning. The original apartments appear tens of thousands of years older than any known cultures glyph or carving that later marked the stone walls.

The exact timeframe is difficult to ascertain because the entirety of the volume of stone that fell from the face of the caves has been crushed and removed. Not a single piece larger than a pebble remains, therefore no sediment, no layers of erosion. Where exactly is the thousands of tons of stone sheared from the cliff face?

Could it happen again?

As the earth approaches a polar reversal, the looming Eddie minimum and the ever increasing likelihood of a Carrington event it is difficult not to see the value in understanding the cataclysms that destroyed great civilisations of the past. As to the whereabouts of the original cave dwelling inhabitants of the last stand, it looks like the wolf finally had his victory.

Pole reversal from the Observers

Eddie minimum from Mr Watts

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